Ancient Dragonweave Loom (Tailoring mini-game) - Grahran's WoW Gold (2024)

Ancient Dragonweave Loom (Tailoring mini-game) - Grahran's WoW Gold (1)

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Ancient Dragonweave Loom (Tailoring mini-game)

Today’s blog post will cover the new Tailoring mini-game in Dragonflight, Ancient Dragonweave Loom. This puzzle can be tricky to complete, so I’ve added a detailed guide with the benefit of a YouTube video!

Dragonflight Profession Overhaul:

By now, you’d have realized that Dragonflight has seen a significant overhaul of the Profession system, more importantly, the introduction of specializations and knowledge.

With the need to maximize your knowledge points and cover as many specializations as quickly as possible, completing as many of the varied tasks within the Dragon Isles to earn knowledge will be significant to leveling our professions.


This mini-game is strictly available to players with a minimum of 25 skill points in Dragon Isles Tailoring. You can only complete the Ancient Dragonweave Loom mini-gameonce per character!


You can find the mini-game located in Thaldraszus at the coordinates [58.45]. If you have the Addon: HandyNotes – Dragonflight Treasures and Rares, this will be highlighted on your map with a chest.


Upon completing the mini-game, you’ll earn an Ancient Dragonweave Bolt. Use this item to add five knowledge points to your Tailoring profession.

How the Puzzle Works:

Ancient Dragonweave Loom (Tailoring mini-game) - Grahran's WoW Gold (2)

When you interact with the loom for the first time, you’ll be given a puzzle with five spools of thread with an object in the center. The aim is to click on each spool and connect each thread to the center.

Click on each spool, and the thread will rotate until it connects to an object. As you progress, there will be additional objects (notches) that you will need to attach to reach the center. When a thread links to a notch, you must click on that notch instead of the spool.

If you’re clicking on a spool or notch three times and there’s no connection made, you’ve made an error, and you will need to restart the puzzle. Be warned, while the first puzzle is easy to complete, the further you progress, the greater the difficulty.

Use the images below and follow the colored threads to complete the puzzles; alternatively, check out my YouTube video embedded below.

Puzzle One:

Ancient Dragonweave Loom (Tailoring mini-game) - Grahran's WoW Gold (3)

This puzzle is straightforward to complete. Click on each spool for the thread to attach to the center object.

Puzzle Two:

Ancient Dragonweave Loom (Tailoring mini-game) - Grahran's WoW Gold (4)

You will get two additional notches on puzzle two, as shown in the image above. Use the red thread to connect to these notches.

Puzzle Three:

Ancient Dragonweave Loom (Tailoring mini-game) - Grahran's WoW Gold (5)

While puzzle three may look tricky at first sight, it’s straightforward. Again, the red thread connects the notches to the center.

Puzzle Four:

Ancient Dragonweave Loom (Tailoring mini-game) - Grahran's WoW Gold (6)

In this puzzle you will need to attach all the threads to a notch to complete this puzzle. Follow the different colored threads carefully in the image above!

Puzzle Five:

Ancient Dragonweave Loom (Tailoring mini-game) - Grahran's WoW Gold (7)

Only the red thread needs to connect to all the notches on this puzzle. The rest connect straight to the center.

Puzzle Six:

Ancient Dragonweave Loom (Tailoring mini-game) - Grahran's WoW Gold (8)

Working anti-clockwise, starting from the red spool/thread, connect the red thread to each notch; the last spool connects straight to the center.

Puzzle Seven:

Ancient Dragonweave Loom (Tailoring mini-game) - Grahran's WoW Gold (9)

While this looks difficult to complete at first glance, it’s actually straightforward. Again, the red spool/thread connects to all the notches, while the other spools connect directly to the center.

The first time I did this puzzle, I struggled. Check my video below if the pattern isn’t clear enough.

Puzzle Eight:

Ancient Dragonweave Loom (Tailoring mini-game) - Grahran's WoW Gold (10)

To make this easy to complete, work anti-clockwise once more, starting at the red spool, and copy the pattern in the image above. Once the puzzle has finished, you’ve completed the mini-game; well done!

YouTube Video:

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I’ll admit, I’ve completed the Ancient Dragonweave Loom mini-game on three characters, and the first time was excruciating. The fact that I struggled at first made me think there must be others in the same boat, hence this guide.

I love that Blizzard designed a puzzle for Tailors to earn knowledge, and I hope that they introduce more in the future. Professions have a spotlight in Dragonflight, and I think it’s fantastic that they’ve introduced these puzzles.


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Thanks for reading!

Ancient Dragonweave Loom (Tailoring mini-game) - Grahran's WoW Gold (2024)


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